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Linenwalas Classic 5 Star Hotel Microfiber Pillows Set of 2


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Type: Pillow

Linenewalas presents this white colored pillow with striped pillow covers which is bound to catch your fancy instantly. This pillow maintains exceptional softness for the most luxurious decorative accents. Made of cotton, this pillow is high in quality and light in weight. Removable pillow covers make washing simple and resist shedding which gives the property of easy care. While the pillows are ultra soft, they are firm enough to give adequate support to your back and neck. So, whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or a stomach sleeper, these pillows will offer you a great night’s sleep. Feel luxury of a 5-star hotel with these soft pillows which are currently being used to the best of the hotels worldwide. The fabric of pillow covers weaved in such a way that it makes pillow cover design more attractive. The loftiness of pillows can be maintained by re-fluffing. Any item apart from the product, shown in the image will not be delivered. The fill will stay in the position you adjust it to the whole night, providing you with the perfect level of support, and allowing you to rest peacefully until you wake, refreshed the next morning!


Features of pillows:

  • Low compressional energy (easy to compress)
  • High loftiness
  • Better resilience
  • Highly comfortable
  • Better recovery of pillow after removal of the compressional force
  • Firmness: A medium firm that gives you soft and plush feel and supports the neck perfectly
  • Vacuum pressed for easier handling
  • Smooth luxurious feel
  • The Filling is defect free
  • Repellent to oil and dust
  • Durable
  • No problem of flattening after using it for a longer time period
  • Anti-allergenic

Pillows Specifications:

  • 2 pillows with 2 pillow covers
  • Standard size – 17inches * 27 inches
  • King size – 20 inches * 36 inches
  • 100% pure cotton used for pillow covers
  • 250 grams per square meter (250 GSM)
  • Colour – Solid white / Striped white

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