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Linenwalas Natural Bamboo Silk Sheets and Pillow Cases | Softest Sheets Ever


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Type: Bedsheet

linenwalas bamboo bedsheet
These sheets are derived from natural bamboo plants and have amazing properties of the plant itself which includes cooling during summers and warm during winters.

Linenwalas brings to you the softest sheets ever which are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen, to loosen up-to an indulgent sleep experience. These bed covers are poised to take luxury bedding to a next level, creating a barely-there feel. Designed for appeal and sensuality our Bed Sheet drapes like liquid. Our bamboo fiber is imported from Austria and the fabric weaved out of it is soft like silk.

Besides this, bamboo plant naturally kills bacteria and is extremely good for the environment. None of these properties are present in cotton or any other fiber. Our bedsheet transports the moisture into the inside of the fiber reducing the formation of bacteria, without chemical addictive.

Since it is highly absorbent to the body sweat and will keep evaporating it, which in turn will keep the body cool. The fiber absorbs moisture completely and naturally & then releases it to the outside. It’s Thermal Regulating properties keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This is due to Tencel's high moisture buffering capacity and smooth fiber surface. It has a smooth surface, the softness is appreciable and prevents irritations to the skin.

Features & Washing Care
Organic Silk.
Colour retention.
Moisture control.
Ultra soft satin finish.
Silky Lustrous material.
Thermo-regulating properties.
Keeps your bed up to 3° cooler.
Machine wash in cold water.
Tumble dry on low heat.
Warm iron if needed.
Do Not Bleach.

CAUTION:- Yes !! these sheets are as soft as silk and are highly addictive, after this, you may not want to use any other.


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