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Linenwalas Microfiber Mattress Padding/Topper with Free Mattress Protector


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Type: Mattress Topper

Linenwalas presents this mattress topper to you which has easy compression. Let Linenwalas wrap you in elegance, luxury, and comfort. It will increase the glance in your bedroom. Our mattress topper gives new shape and new life to your old slumped mattress. This topper is made fully from an elasticized material with elastic band for a perfect fit on the mattress. It can retain its original shape even after pressing it for a longer time period. Our product will make your bed’s top surface fluffy and comfortable. Our product is easy to use as you just need to spread this topper on the mattress. Breathability and air permeability make it more usable and suitable for all seasons. Our mattress topper does not contain any harmful sustains which give you a secure use of our product for a longer time period. We imported super microfibers that provide gentle but ample support. The topper is considered to be superior to memory foam as it has no odor. Any item apart from the product, shown in the image will not be delivered.

Features of our mattress topper:

  • Baffle box stitched to keep the filling equally spread into square pockets
  • Box-stitched so that topper spreads evenly
  • Imported microfibers for luxurious comfort
  • Elastic straps on all four sides to get the perfect fit
  • Easy compression
  • Better resilience
  • Air permeable
  • Breathable
  • Provides unique airflow throughout mattress
  • Breathable from 3600 to regulate the body temperature
  • Distributes body weight evenly
  • Better strength
  • Increase softness of your mattress and give new shape
  • The right amount of firmness
  • Easy to use and light in weight
  • Easy wicking of moisture from the mattress

Mattress Topper Specifications:

  • 1 mattress topper with slimier size mattress protector 
  • Thickness- 2.5 to 3 inches thick
  • Mattress Topper Size  Single 36x78 | Single 48x78 | Queen 60x72 | Queen 60x75 | Queen 60x78 | Standard 72x72 | King 72x75 | King 72x78 |
    King 72x84 (also available in customize size)  
  • 300 Thread Count (300 TC)
  • 300 grams per square meter (300 GSM)
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Come with free mattress protector

Note - We can customize any size mattress topper for length up to 80 inches and width up to 78 inches. Just order it here and share the size on next page while checkout in the note box.

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