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How to find a Perfect bedsheet ?

                                                      Think about the most comfortable bed you've ever slept in, struck at the bed sheet? Being that we spend about one-third of our lives asleep, it makes sense to invest in bedding that's not only comfortable but can also withstand the test of time. Bed sheets come in direct contact with our skin and are as important as a quality mattress and cosy blanket. The out-and-out collection of sheets in the market can push you into loop whilst shopping. Here are our top pointers to help you choose the best-suited sheets:



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Colour and pattern might be the most noticeable features, but your sheet should be in coordination with your style and theme. While choosing your bed sheets online It’s not a good idea to make a pick solely based on colour or print. One should put her personality in the bedroom and go for a bedsheet which portrays the inhabitant.



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Wrestling around a small fitted sheet onto a mattress? Haven’t found the right size and fit for your bed-set? Here’s a solution, if you have a standard-size bed; queen or king size bed sheets, look for features such as elastic edging all the way around. This helps to ensure a smooth, snug fit. Measure the height of your mattress, including mattress pads. Remember that padding settles, so measure it at least two spots away from the corners. You know how important it is to buy bedspreads that are of a correct size. Hence, buying bed sheets online that are a couple of inches deeper, leaves room for normal shrinkage.



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Fabric plays a huge role in the texture of bed sheets, so you can make a notion about its softness and quality based on the sheet’s cotton or fabric blend. Some of the common bed sheet sets are - bed Linen sheets, which work well in hot climates because they wick away body heat. Although Satin sheets look glam and feel romantic, they can be too warm. Long-fibred Egyptian cotton is stronger and less likely to pill. Cotton bed sheets are smooth and soft because of its shorter fiber length. Poly-blend sheets are Easy and resistant to wrinkles. Bamboo sheets are naturally anti-bacterial and absorb moisture, it's well worth considering. Hence, you need to choose wisely because the type of material you pick for your sheets has everything about personal preferences.



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Thread count is the amount of thread used vertically and horizontally to create the fabric or the number of threads woven in 1 square inch of fabric, assuming higher the better.  You can make a guess on how the sheet will feel by using this information. High thread count is a factor, but the type of cotton can be more significant. For instance, a lower-thread-count sheet made from naturally soft fabric, like Egyptian cotton, will feel silkier than a high-thread-count sheet because so many fibers are packed closely together in it. However, don't get tempted by 800 or 1,000 count sheets, it’ll be fine with a 400 or 450 count as well. The extra thread count doesn't make any difference in feel to justify the price. TC isn't an indication of quality anymore and other variables like- cotton quality, yarn size, and weaving technique, can also influence texture.





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