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by Linenwalas (A brand of Singhal Exports) June 26, 2018




Feathers are the stiff plumage framing the outer of ducks and goose. They have a level appearance and can't trap air effectively and have little insulation value. The main purpose of feathers in bedding is to provide bulk and support.

Down is a layer of fine feathers, found under the tougher exterior feathers of the birds. Down is an excellent thermal insulator used in products like jackets, bed duvet, and pillows.

                    Available in the following different Ratios of filling

                        10:90         10% Down & 90% Feather  

                        30:70         30% Down & 70% Feather

                        50:50         50% Down & 50% Feather


Q. What's the difference between down and feather?  

A. Down and feathers have two completely different structures. A down cluster has a quill point but no shaft, so it is far stronger than a feather. Feathers are generally heavier than down, they are perhaps more supportive. Opt for the best down pillow inserts as an alternative to feather pillows. Down is lighter and 3 Dimensional whereas feather is 2 Dimensional and has more loft, giving it the ability to trap air and heat.


Q. Where is down and feather sourced from?

A. They are generally sourced from suppliers who buy down and feathers from farmers that raise birds for meat. Down and feathers, a natural by-product which is environment-friendly and can be renewed and recycled. An Ethically sourced material means it is not from birds whose feathers and down were plucked while they were still living or who were force-fed to increase their meat production.




Q. Why is cleaning down and feather product so important?

A. Cleaning your product is necessary for its expected performance. A Properly washed and dried feather and down ensures the maximum loft. All down pillows and all feather pillow cluster traps air, increasing the warmth, so washing the plumes ensures a protective layer of non-conducting air that keeps warmth in and cold out.


Q. What is an ideal method to clean your down and feather product?

A. The cleaning process is done to ensure that your American down and feather stays the lightest, warmest and most durable fill available. So, the down is passed through a number of machinery to pull out all the residue from the down beforehand. The washing process involves multiple washes in environment-friendly detergent. Then the down is thoroughly dried, cooled and de-dusted. Then the down is shipped in bags and containers that prevent dirt and oil from inferiorizing the quality.





Q. How can down and feather be more sustainable than synthetic?

A. Synthetic fillings are made from non-renewable sources whereas down and feathers are 100% natural and recyclable products. As per the old stalwarts, down and feathers have been recognized as the world's best insulation. Blankets, quilts, and comforters made up of Down and feather allows you to drop the temperature by several degrees.


Q. Is down more comfortable than synthetic fibers?

A. Down has the ability to mold itself as per your body while synthetic fabrics remain rigid. Also, the best duck down pillows has an outstanding ability to breathe and wick away, so the user doesn't experience the wetness which often occurs with synthetics.




Q. When to wash your down and feather product?

A. Down and Feather products should be cleaned when they start to gather too many oils from your body or hair. As and when the product starts to lose loft or the fabric is starting to look discolored, it’s time to wash it!


Q. Is it safe or even appropriate to wash feather and down?

A. Yes, in fact, it is recommended to regularly wash your product inserts. Washing your down correctly will maintain the elasticity and helps to extend the life of your product. We recommend cold wash with a mild detergent. Also, use an additional rinse cycle without detergent. Dry on low until the down inside feels dry to the touch on the outside. Add a tennis ball or a shoe to the drying process to re-loft the product. Do not expose the down to sunlight because excessive heat evaporates the natural oils in the down.


Q. How come down products insulate so well?

A. Because of its 3 Dimensional structure and ability to loft, each down cluster traps more dead air than any synthetic. Every atom of down product has approximately two million fluffy fiber that forms a protective layer of air to keep the warmth in and cold out. A good shake is all it takes to fluff up and bounce back your product.




Q. Can I store my down bag in a compression sack?

A. Yes, you can, but never for an extended period as it will eventually reduce the loft. Down can be stored in a breathable sack but never in anything watertight. Mildew can occur on the inside of a waterproof bag. A wise step is to store your bag in a large cotton sack or king-size pillowcase in a dry place at a constant temperature.

Linenwalas (A brand of Singhal Exports)
Linenwalas (A brand of Singhal Exports)


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